The lonely world of machines!

Loneliness (Photo credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac])

How I got here,

Is what I can never comprehend.

Was it my best choice?

Woke up this morning,


I got to face another long,

Dreadful day!

In the machine world!

Machine one,

My car,


I drive to the office,

Machine two,

My desktop.

My colleagues,

Too busy,

Interacting with their machines,

My presence too oblivious!

And my greeting,

Worse still,

No response!

I shake my head,

After a long,

Boring day,

Back to my machine one,

And get my tired, bored self home!

Home indeed!

The silence gets to me,

Empty walls,

And goodness,

More machines,

I slump on my seat,

Bored to death!

I switch on machine three,

My television set,

I am suddenly hungry,

On to machine four,

My refrigerator,

I feel lost,

In a world I can’t relate to,

The machine world!

I decide to befriend my neighbor,

But, oops!

My accent and skin,

Do not help either!

Suspicious, strange looks,

Is all I get?

Lasting friendships,

Forever evading me!

Loneliness has become my only friend,

Yet my worst enemy,

Consuming me!

Don’t know what to do,

Don’t know how to handle this!

Time for machine number five,

I call my daddy,

And at least,

I can smile!

Strength to soldier on for another day!

Oh my!

I miss my folks back at home so bad!

The loneliness,

I must cope with,

I got to go real hard,

My folks look up to me!

Sacrifice is the word,

The title breadwinner,

Perfectly befits me.

I got no choice,

To thrive I must,

In this world of machines,


This lonely world of machines!

Written by daddy, edited by me!


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