The Broken Road: Final Part!

English: Broken Road Sign Direction sign in ne...
English: Broken Road Sign Direction sign in need of repair near to Wentworth, Cambridgeshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we are, on the homestretch, to see what precedes it, (click here for The broken journey part one, The broken road part two) enjoy the rest of the flight as I land you safe to your destination!

Oh the fateful day,

The sorrowful day,

When you mentioned that,

You were missing your football buddies!

The journey to ruin and destruction,

Had just began,

Wee hours of the morning,

Became your arrival hours!

Sleepily, clumsily,

I opened the door,

Innocently inquiring of your where about,

And the blow,

That sent me reeling to the floor,

Was to fast,

Too sudden,

I never saw it coming!

Struggling to walk,

I got to my cold bed,

The pain in my heart,

Was more than the pain from the blow!


This has become the morning greeting,

And the goodnight kiss,

What became of our love?

The silence,

All I do is offer services,

Yea, your robot indeed!

Fed up,

Is what best describes me,

This thing,


Makes no sense!

It is meant to be for life,


I am off,

Off to begin a new life,

Where I decide my destiny!

Authored by Sam (my dad)

Edited by me, Ofso (Abby)


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