Please teach me the way of corruption, will you?

Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO) 2011
Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO) 2011 (Photo credit: Vandy CFT)

Hello, I will be gone till next week, Monday, but I leave something for you to chew upon,( if you a are a good student who does their assignment) Here I am to speak to you again, and provoke some pondering! I hate corruption, like all good people do, please read the following poem.( It is sarcastic). It is however not directed to a particular person, it is just echoes the contempt with which corruption should be held, in all spheres of life.


I have worked real hard,

Tried so hard,

Fallen so many times,

Risen more times than I have fallen.


But here I am,

I am still where I was,


Before the voyage began.


I ask of you,

Beg of you,


Teach me,

Teach me,

Teach me the short cut,

The way of the rich,

The way of the affluent,

The way of the influential,

The way of corruption.

I want to be an expert,

I want to succeed,

I have tried,

But I am sure,

If you teach me your way,

The way of corruption,

I will thrive and be great,

I am eager to learn,

My dear respectable teacher,

Will you?

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