Hello friends, kindly look out for the links, it’s much fun! enjoy!

Life (click to read more) has got lots of extremes,
One time you are caught up with work,
And your beautiful home piles dust,
Today is leave day, hurrah!
Day 1,
I gotta clean up my beautiful(more…) home!
Oh my!
Extreme cleaning,
And don’t forget that,
Work is piling up at job,
Mh! Life! life!

Day 2 of leave day,
I am so exhausted!
But the home’s (check out more)habitable now, phew!
I gotta go back to work.

Day 1 at work,
Good grief! When did all this pile up?
Life life!
And its extremes,
But don’t you worry,
The season of mistletoe is here!
Fun fun fun!
On the extreme,
But remember,
Extreme is a vicious circle!
Come January with the hot blazing cruel sun,
Extreme is calling out…
Where are you?
And I got to answer the call(see more)
It’s the life that we Iive
Till the next barbecue, and meat roasting season…
When the barbecue that had become rusty and rickety
Experiences a new lease of life,
When extreme makes sense…


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