Keep On!

Observation and Echo Rock
Observation and Echo Rock (Photo credit: brewbooks)- on such a mountain, encouraging yourself, seeing into the future!

Hello people, I wrote this poem today, on watching Scott Strodes, Phoenix CEO, receiving his award on CNN Heroes! I am encouraged to keep keeping on, In whatever little I have to give to the world, a day will come, when someone will be changed, and what a bonus, if you are awarded! Let’s arise, and run! For there is a hope, a hope to inspire!

Walking down the isle,(more..)

I am smiling,(for you…more)

And shocked beyond measure,


That was my name,

That I heard,

Echo in the enormous hall,

No doubt,

I get to the podium,

The shouts,

The clapping,

The smiling,

All so inspiring,

I didn’t know,

That such a day would rise,

When I would arise,

From the dust,

To the King’s table,

To dine with the great,

And might.


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