The belt

English: The old belt
English: The old belt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The poem is about a belt. In my African world, we operate on the principle of “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” One of the ways is by the use of a belt. When we were young, we really dreaded the belt, dad’s belt. Looking at it now, I am thankful, for the high level of discipline it instilled. Enjoy, as you think about what ways of instilling discipline in your culture, you can also share them by commenting!

The pain,

The tear,

The cry for help,

It caused.


The race,

Always thought won,

But in reality,

Lost so hard,

It caused.


The sworn promises,

But never kept,

The mistake,


To become a habit,

Yet it was always,


Patiently waiting.


The belt,

Ever so near,

At the rumour,

Or whisper,

Of a mistake,

There it was,

On dad’s waist,

Ready to whip,

The mistake,

The sin,

Not the sinner!



I now look at it,

For the pain it caused,

I smile,

It made me who I am!


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