Moments like this

"Highway Run Into the Midnight Sun"
“Highway Run Into the Midnight Sun” (Photo credit: Fethernutter)
Precious Moments, Inc.
Precious Moments, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moments like this,

Moments for which I am grateful,

That I can write something,

That pacifies,

And lightens the burden,

The burden of the soul.


Moments when my heart resonates,

With every part of me,

Moments when a tear is so far,

Yet so near,

When compassion to feel,

And all I wonna do,

Is make sure you smile,

With peace feeling your heart.


Moments like this,


I am at your service,


Never offering,

Bad Quality Goods,

All for your enjoyment,

Moments like this,

I take a bow,

For I am graciously thankful!


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