I speak

English: Speak Live
English: Speak Live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









I speak of the female species,

But don’t get me wrong,

I am no feminist,

I am just feminine,

Loving and enjoying,

All that being feminine,

Has given me!

I speak of a strong will,

I speak of a relentless heart,

I speak of a loving heart,

A heart that feels,

A heart that loves!

I speak of an unbeatable perseverance,

A body that can withstand the greatest pain,

And still smile through the pain.

I speak of,

A patience that believes,

Even when no one else does,

And sees the good,

Even in the worst of people,

And situations.

I speak of an instinct that is right,

Even when the evidence,

Clearly shows otherwise,

Proving wrong even the wise.

I speak of perception,

To peer into the future,

An ability to see what others can’t see.

I speak of selfless giving,

Not just a bit,

But all,

For the sake of another’s life,

And putting their interests last.

I speak of a blessed soul,

A loving soul,

Never ending,

But forever loving,

Forever believing.


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