Thank You!

Thank You: Eph 1:16
Thank You: Eph 1:16 (Photo credit: Realistic Imaginations)

Thank You,

This is all I have to say,

This day,


My family,

For always being there for me,

For providing a place,

Where I can smile,

No matter wassup,

My friends,

Who listen to me,

Encourage me,

Pray and laugh with me,

My Blog friends and family,

You give me a reason to write,

Thanks for reading my poetry,

And a reason to change,

My perspective of life!


I am overwhelmed,

Thank You God,

For allowing me to write,

For enabling me,

I couldn’t have,

Thank You,

I am alive,

To brighten up another’s life,

And live to see some dreams come true,

Thank You.

Xie xie ni.



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