Sitted here,
In the silence,
Breathing in the fresh air,
Brought right through my nostrils,
Into my system,
By the cool,
Afternoon breeze,
So refreshing.

There are people around,
But I am in my own world,
Enjoying the serenity,
The tranquil,
The peace,
The joy of being alive,
To see and feel,
All the beauty around me,
No issues clouding my head,
Only beauty,
And love,
Brought by the tranquil.

The sound of tree leaves,
The music they bring,
Bringing back old sweet memories,

The cold water,
So clean and soothing,
Flowing downstream,
Chilling me,
And taking the hot afternoon heat far far away!
I want to be here,
For as long as I can,
If possible,


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