The Promise

Agama agama, parc de samburu, Kenya (2007)

Kenya! (Photo credit:

I came across some words today, “Your word is your bond”. They got me thinking of all the promises we make. Do we really keep them? Thinking of what has happened to some young people, in my country, in the heart of Sagut Valley, Samburu, Kenya. May their souls rest in peace. Read on…

Son to dad,

Dad to son,

Dad, could I have a bicycle?

Yes son, I will definitely get one for you,


Two years later,

Dad, you promised…

Son, I will get it,


Soon, soon, be patient.


Husband to Wife,

Wife to husband,

In sickness, and in health,

I will love you forever,

After a while,

I am filing for divorce!

I don’t care!


Doctor to patient,

Patient to Doctor,

You are ok now, I presume,

Yes, I feel great now,

You need to come for check ups,

Of course I will,

Six months later,

Oh Doc!

What is it?

I feel awful!

Doc says,

Did you keep your promise?


Promises are binding,

One may just say some words,

Without prior thought,

Or consideration,

But it is until,

You pay for your promise,

Like military people,

Like police personell,

With their very lives,

Leaving behind all their loved ones,

And all they have,

And treasure,

In keeping the promise,

To live for their country,

And give their lives for it.


When you see the gravity,

The gravity,

Of a promise,

You realize,

What a promise is.


Let’s keep our promises, okay?