I wrote this one almost two years ago, hope you like it, it’s all about taking the time to smell the roses!



Have you ever known the true meaning?

The precious meaning?

Yes! The indisputable and unmistakable one?

Oh! How I believe that the whole world,

Will awaken from its deep sleep,

A sleep that has lasted decades,

Or centuries,



Oh! How I long for that day,

That day when,

All of humanity will come to the realization,

Yes, the exhilarating realization,

Of the order of the universe,

Yes, the order of nature,

Or the natural laws preferably.


That there is a precious time,

A time to let go,

To let go of your soul,

To set your spirit free,

Free to be itself,

Free to be you and to let you be you,

And surely enjoy,

The cool breeze,

The moon’s tide,

The starry night,

The beauty of nature and God’s creation,

Even your fellow man.


For at the sunset of your life,

When it’s too late,

These are the things that will count,

The memories you will treasure,

Riches, fame, and accolades will all end up,

Where they belong,

To faded memories!


When the world awakes to this,

This glorious realization,

Only then will you appreciate the true meaning,

Of what I am pouring out to you now,

The time to smell the roses!


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