Social Media City

Hello people, as we begin the week, and today being Monday, I would like to introduce you to a really random, sort of crazy poem. I bet most of you have heard about the concept of virtual reality, where one can create experiences close to real life, or in simpler terms, where one can like in “Avatar”, travel to a world that is not physical, and experience it. I would like you to read this poem with that kind of view, that you were in a city of Social Media, and people shout when posting photos, liking statuses…enjoy!

I am in a world,

A world of Social Media,

Called Social Media City.

A world of the web,

A world of Internet.

I am walking down a noisy street,

If you know what an open market is,

Then you have an idea,

Of exactly what,

I am talking about.

All the buildings are Blue,


More beautiful than the blue sky,

I suppose.

The Billboards,

So magnificent!

But the noise is deafening.

I get to a junction,

One direction,

Takes me to another street,

Street Twitter,

People are standing in long single files,

Following others!

This street is quieter,

But overly chaotic!

People pushing,

In all directions,

But the noise increases,


Not to the magnitude of,

Street Face book!


My head is a total mess by now,

I turn to Street Skype,

On top,

Of the normal loud human voices,

And laughter,

Characteristic of Streets Face book and Twitter,

Weird noises!

I can’t hold up by now!

I want to go back to my normal world,

This is too much,
For man’s existence.

I look at my map,

First Google + Avenue,

Street My Space, Road! Jeez!

My trip ain’t over,


I’m back to Earth!


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