Making ends meet

Night Shift (film)
Night Shift (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Winter Morning
Winter Morning (Photo credit: blmiers2)

This one is a bit funny!


Every day millions,

Or even billions,

Wake up,

On cold mornings,

On rainy mornings,

Or even snowy mornings,

Some during very early hours.


They beat the traffic jam,

Some walk,

Some use trains,


Public and personal cars.


All are set to,

Contribute their share of sweat,

No matter where they are,

Whether in,

Affluent Uptown,

Or Survival Downtown.



In the evening,

The journey home,


Whether to a bungalow,

A shanty, or even a hovel,

The night,

Is ushered in,

As the night sets in,

And silence begins.


Only a few are awake,

Maybe some,

Flaunting their wares,

Or better still,

Holding up for security,


And Emergency purposes.

Others belong to,

The night-shift crew,

Maybe they do,

Help the night shift indeed!

They break its monotony.


Either way,

All are in a bid,

To make ends meet.

The Question is,

And will forever be,

Where are these ends?

If they are located,

Do they ever meet?



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