The Monster

Consistency (Photo credit: Matt Hampel)
Worriedface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my own life, I have realized that the problem is not that I am not committed to things or courses, but it’s consistency that i lack. I hate it so much that I had to call it A MONSTER. Frankly, be consistent in what you are committed to, whether family, friendships, your talent, dream, job or whatever. After all, a plant that is not frequently watered dries up, eventually. You may have the best intentions, but inconsistency will water them down. Now enjoy and reflect!


All the days I have lived,

Every day I have treasured,

Every day I wish didn’t rise,

I know one thing,

That really disturbs,

My mind and heart,

As well as countless others.


They have fought it,

But it has worn and shamed them.

They have sworn,

But it has laughed on their faces.

This one thing,

This one monster.


Oh how I fervently hope,

To live to see,

Its annihilation,

For on that very day,

I will be  dead sure,

I will be free,

Free to live my life,

Without it lurking.


You monster!

I commit myself,

Or is it consistencilize myself,

To annihilate you.

Who gave you such power?

I will fight on,

Soldier on,

Till that victorious day!

Don’t I loathe you!




4 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. Abby, thanks again for posting this beautiful piece. I think consistency is a virtue that we all need to succeed in our dreams. keep on abbie and be consistence.


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