Kingdom (Photo credit: photoscott)

The cacophony,

The symphony,

The soothing,

It is great indeed.


Touching to the soul of man,

Bringing healing,



Joy and laughter,

And pain sometimes,

Courage, never fear,

Strength and decision.


Even the instrument,

Dances to it,

To create rhythm,

And gives,

Life to the vocal chords,

To produce it.


It is old,

It is new,

It is unstoppable,

It has no limits.

It penetrated all human civilizations,




It is for the old,

It is for the young,

It belongs to a soul that feels it,

It is for the ear that differentiates it,

But even the deaf,

Do appreciate it at times,

They even create it.


It has all sorts of genres,

It has impacted lives,

And still impacts more.


It lifts your soul,

And is used to express,

All emotion.

It can unite,

For one course,

And it can divide too.


It is called,


For its lovers,

It is ever near,


In the heart,

In the mind,

In the soul.







4 thoughts on “Symphony

  1. I must speak of how impressed i was when i read your piece of work earlier this morning.The ease with which you put through your ideas is exemplary.You speak your mind so clearly and in a way that stirs up emotions in anyone who appreciates the power that rests in literature.I was introduced to your blog by your dad and i feel so fortunate he did.Am a Hotel Management student at Kenya utalii.I look forward to more of your literal work.Give it your best because what is worth doing is worth doing well.


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