Angels in disguise

They are angels in disguise,

They put a smile on our faces,

Have you ever met one of them on the streets?

And your face light up?


They are friends.


When you are low,

Their encouraging smile lifts you,

They know that something is wrong,

Even if you hide behind the biggest smile,

They call you email you or message you,

Just to know how you are doing.


They cheer you,

On your way up,

And cry with you,

In frustration,

And disappointment,

They encourage you,

And help you know who you are.


They are however very few,

They are rare,

They are treasures,

They are to be loved

They are to be kept,

They are worth the sacrifice,

And that little inconvenience,

Of re-scheduling,

Your so called responsibilities,

They are called true friends.








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