Father to daughter

I love my dad very much. I wrote this poem thinking what he would say to me if he were to write a poem


From the day you were born,

You put a smile on my face.

I loved you.

You looked so much like your mom,

And your innocence,

Melted my heart away.

I took you in my arms,

And kissed you on the forehead.

What a gift from on high!


I walked with you when you took your first step,

I picked you up when you fell,

I encouraged you on.

I clapped when you spoke your first word,

I took you to school,

I held your hand as you wrote your first character,

And smiled when you did,

I still smiled when you drew the funniest picture,

And I still loved you.


When you fell sick,

I knelt by your side,

And prayed for you.

I helped you ride your first bicycle,

And bought you a teddy bear when you did finally learn.


You became a teen,

I took you out,

Long before your puppy love did,

I loved you still,

And I told you so,

Long before he did.

I was there to comfort you,

To give you an assuring hug,

On your very first break up.


Look at you now,

The only difference between you and Wife is age,

I am soon walking you down the aisle,

I will entrust you to him,

And I hope and pray,

He will love you,

All his days,

And treat you right.

I got to let go,

And it hurts so bad,

Because I still love you,


Ciao, Zaijian, Bon Voyage, Goodbye.


Trust me I can really feel this poem.



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