I Love You

Hello again, Today I would like to share a poem i wrote sometime in August, actually it was on 7th August, because I remember the semester had just ended. I once told my friends on face book to try and guess who it is addressed to, but their guesses were all wrong! Kindly give it a try, it might really surprise you to see how far or near the correct answer you are! The clue remains, that the answer is in the poem…kindly take your time to pause and think just a bit….

I decided to use love, as it is a concept that human beings seem to like, with all the soap operas on the media, and have you ever realized even the most thrilling or even the most boring have a love story coming up? I used this concept to speak to my ‘audience’ in the following poem…enjoy

I love you

But you sometimes disappoint me too much

I give you my all

But then you spit it all on my face

Leaving me hurting


Was it worth it?

I keep quiet

And in silence

I want to leave you

But I can’t

Because I belong to you

I love you yes, you

I’ll forever love you

Though you hurt me

Because I know

You do make me proud sometimes

Many times

My love

It is you I’m writing about

You whose words I’m using

You which these words will be called

And now that

I couldn’t escape from you

You followed me

To ensure I am part of you

And you, part of me

I will love you forever

And though I may cry

I will love you forever


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