Daughter of the Universe

I stand here in tears,
But unashamed,
Never unloved.


But the pieces begin to gain strength.


I’ll let this dream
Lead me on,
To the ends of the earth.


After all,
I’m I still not the daughter of the universe?
Still belong to the one who made the universe?

This is the simple me

This is the simple me



Never will I be ashamed of my sex,
Born a fighter,
And I will be thither



I am moving fast,
Only stopping to take a breath
Building up on maximum momentum.

Why then do you stop me?
Why put road blocks
Just to slow my progress?

I want to explode like a Volcano
C’mon just get out of my way
Speed is crucial
I can’t stop now
Let me fix your obstacles
And watch me fly


Started off with a whisper under the moon
The blanket of stars covered the doom
The crickets stood as witnesses
The spirit overshadowed by Hades touch
The once mushy heart turned cold
The deception looms and blinds the host
The blasphemous exchange becomes a bond
The trickling drops of life hold fast the chord
The voices begin
There chatter indistinct deep within
The unholy sale is complete.



Times i sit down and ask myself questions like, what are we as humans living for? Do we care??What happened to love and compassion? More often than not I ask myself am I the only one that asks this question am i the only person that sees a hole in the fabric that makes up our society am i the only one that thinks we are just plunging deeper in despair by the day?,. I know am not. But how many are willing to

stand and be counted as changers of the society, how many are willing to stand steadfastly and say no!…times i feel scared, we all do, what can I do??We always ask ourselves. How about that neighbour that’s plotting a robbery attempt you are aware of. That unscrupulous neighbor planning to raid the park and kill a couple of rhinos that ran you through their plan, and agreed to cooperate at a fee. How about that neighbour that batters their child on the daily, that neighbour who abuses his wife every night, and all you do is shrug your shoulders and under your breath respond with a “shauri yao”…have we become that callous??Have we become that cold? That the severe suffering of our own race doesn’t touch us at the least??Have we become so egoistic that all we see is us? The more I gaze at the deplorable state of the human moral fabric the more i appreciate the sacrifice of Christ. A man who looks at all the evil that man embodied in himself looked pass it and died for them after them dejecting Him…I ask myself where are the Martin Luther king’s of our generation? Where are the mother Teresa’s? The Nelson Mandela’s? The Wangari Mathai’s? the individuals that were shot because they understood we are made equally, the martyrs that believed more in a dream that reality, the lovers of mother nature that were beaten for trees, the believers of social equality that regarded there freedom not above the rights of their fellow citizens, the mothers to all motherless that couldn’t sleep with the thought of a child on a cold concrete floor. What happened to the softened hearts of men like Paul the apostle who above all lived in poverty so that them that he loved with all his heart would enjoy the true riches by the revelations he wrote about. All i see are cold hearted individuals that would throw their best friend off a cliff to save their own skins, spouses that devalue their loved ones because society dictates that men ought to always cheat,. All i see is a society where fathers sell their own children as trophies to enrich themselves, where life has lost all sovereignty, where mothers look down on their unborn children as liabilities, where future Obamas are afraid to express themselves because of the color of their skins. Where the dream of a dying man is yet to live, where segregation is deemed better than unity. Where the love of Christ is not enough, we dish out to the same world that dejects us that shames us that labels us misfits for comfort, but am still hopeful of the few soldiers that won’t rest till they get there mother earth back to its glorious loving days. I still dream and believe

Poems from Starehe: CHANGE DEAR WORLD

Poems from Starehe: CHANGE DEAR WORLD

I like this poem…from the Poems from Starehe Series…

Hush! Little baby, don’t you cry,
Everything is going to be alright,
Stiffen that upper lip, little baby I told you,
Father said I hold you through the night.
I know mother is not here right now,
And we don’t know why,
We feel how we feel inside,
This may seem a little crazy, little baby,
But promise, everything is going to be alright.


Things in this world are so crazy right now,
For you to understand them a hundred percent,
All mother ever wanted to do was to make us proud,
And now we are sitting in this empty house,
Mother and father are gone,
The war is raging as people are fighting and hating,
Murder here, murder there,
Adds to the pain we bear and share.


Yes! Peace is the only solution,
Let’s get over this devil of confusion,
Why we fight with all our might,
Against your own brother,
Yet you claim to love your mother?
Out of experience is how I say this,
So join me and figure out how to stop it.

Black or white, we are all equal,
Before the creator, not my words,
But words of a believer, a seeker,
Tears and blood make the wound even deeper

war 2

The last thing we want to see,
Is our world coming to an end?
Let peace by the word,
The rhythm in everyone’s mind,
Africa, Asia, Europe, we are one.


The Outsider

I am normal,
Whatever that means.
I look like you,
Maybe I don’t dress like you do,
But I probably have some of the needs,
That you do,
Maybe at a different level and  intensity.

I am a loner,
Never fitting in any group,
Not because I’m inferior,
But I’m different,
I am The Outsider.

It doesn’t feel great to be The outsider
Leaves me wondering why I am different.

Well, I am The outsider,
I don’t have the fomo,
I just live in a different world,
My world, 
You need not be bothered by me,
I am The Outsider.


A lonely star shooting across the cosmos,
Following the path of the unknown
Just a paper trail 66 in number
An origin known a destination foretold
A shooting star indeed,
Granting wishes along the journey home,
Homesick towards a foreign city
Yes!On a journey home
He sees the welcome hosts
He feels the departing ghost
He tastes the joyful crown of hope
The lone star settles in peace
The journey swift,the race complete
The lone star finally sees
Stands before the golden gate
Glances back and deep in the cosmic drift
Another lone star’s journey begins.