Daughter of the Universe

I stand here in tears,
But unashamed,
Never unloved.


But the pieces begin to gain strength.


I’ll let this dream
Lead me on,
To the ends of the earth.


After all,
I’m I still not the daughter of the universe?
Still belong to the one who made the universe?

This is the simple me

This is the simple me



Never will I be ashamed of my sex,
Born a fighter,
And I will be thither





I’ve always told you,

That being different,

Is not synonymous to being inferior.


I see you through my eyes,

Green eyes,

Of jealousy and pride.


You don’t look,

Talk, walk, or think like me.


I see your faults,

Listen out for mistakes,

To confirm,

That you are indeed,

What I have branded you- Inferior.


I don’t know who you are,

Yet I know what you are Inferior!


Well, the bottom line is that different  is not necessarily inferior. Learn to harness the diversity. Let the adversity cease

The process

The process

Well, school season is here. I have never hated school, but for the first time, I feel as if it is a burden, preventing me from achieving my dreams. All in all, it is a process, and I will hold up. Here is what I can tell myself and others on life’s processes:


I am a raw product,

Not really raw,

But actually,



The heat is becoming unbearable,

I need to be out there,

But do I need

To go there unfinished?


I almost gave up

Wanted my freedom

But you know

I must go through the entire process


For me to be free

To accomplish my purposes

And dreams.

I have come from afar

I ain’t stopping now

Perfection? No! I am a Semi-Perfectionist

perfection images

Being a perfectionist is bad,
You spend a lot of time doing one thing,
If it doesn’t work,
You are frustrated,
Angry, Miserable.

Don’t get me wrong,
I’d rather be a semi-perfectionist,
Work at it,
Look out for loopholes,
Try again another day,
If I’ve done it all,
And I still err,
Due to a disguised oversight,
I forgive me,
I am a semi-perfectionist

Dear Leader

Dear Leader

Hello world, I will posting poetry written by my form one students at Starehe Boys Centre. Here is one by Geoffrey Obuya.




It is a great day indeed,

But we are in great need,

Of leadership with goods deeds,

But brothers who will lead?

Yet none here is full of greed.


We call them our leaders,

Yet treat them like lepers,

If you are a loader,

About the prefect I speak,

Not your lover dear loader!


Let us stop being haters,

Of these potential leaders,

Call me a campaigner,

A great attention seeker,

If you like a double dealer,

But the truth I shall be its speaker.


Let me not be one sided,

For fear of a rebellion,

From a large population,

Against my little presentation,

To the leaders I shall mention.


Leadership is a calling,

You need thinking before acting,

It is not very exciting,

How is that entertaining?

Let us have some reasoning!



Geoffrey Obuya

The Voice

Have you ever been where,
Life gives you blow after blow?
Like being the one being beaten in a boxing ring?

Everyone seeming to give you an easier way out?
Everyone looking like their life’s better, more successful?
Like they are right and you are wrong?

Did you hear the voice,
So small telling you ‘NO?’
Though there was no tangible evidence of being right?

It’s the hardest thing to do,
But hold up,
After a while,
You will win.

My name is single

My name is single,
I am unhappy,
Unhappy because,
Many are unhappy,
Simply because I exist.

You have demonized me,
Made people feel small
and second-rate,
Defined people by my absence.

Many spend lots of time and money,
Running away from me,
Many make mistakes,
Because they don’t want me.

Hear me out,
Before you kick me out,
I am precious,
I can make you happy,
And bursting with Life.

Before you despise me,
Give me a chance
My name is single.